DAN J. KAZANAS  |  Managing Attorney

Dan J. Kazanas has more than three decades of legal and business cross-functional experience and cross-industry expertise. He is a licensed Attorney and Counselor at Law in the State of Missouri, as well as, a member of the Missouri Bar Association, the American Bar Association, and the International Bar Association. His representation covers all aspects of:

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Dan Kazanas’ commercial litigation practice focuses on resolving financial and business disputes between individuals and businesses.

Dan Kazanas regularly counsels C-level executives, entrepreneurs, investors, emerging and established companies, and associations on a broad range of domestic and international corporate and commercial legal matters. One of his strengths for his clients that is somewhat unique is that he knows and fully understandings his clients’ specific business, industry environment, and legal concerns, with a focus on both their immediate and long-term goals. This strength was nurtured because he has funded, managed, and sold businesses of his own in highly competitive domestic and global environments.

Dan Kazanas’ career started after his 1980 graduation cum laude from the University of Missouri at Saint Louis, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. He next obtained his Juris Doctorate from the Saint Louis University School of Law in 1983.

After receiving his Law Degree, Dan Kazanas worked for nearly two decades as an attorney in the real estate, franchising, business, and bankruptcy sectors.

From 2001 through 2009, Dan Kazanas was President of O’Neil Lumber & Millwork, in Saint Louis, where his business savvy contributed to the company’s phenomenal growth.

Soon after, Dan Kazanas filled the roles of Chief Operating Officer and Corporate Secretary for Vertecra, Inc., an energy technology company, until he accepted the role as the top executive of the technology commercialization firm of ideaRELAY LLC -- a Saint Louis firm that offers technology transfer and product-development services. In this position as the Managing Director, he is always on the lookout for scientific advances that, with assistance, can become marketable and profitable products.

To support the community, Dan Kazanas provided considerable free time to the ALS Association of Greater Saint Louis, where his role as a Chairperson of Board Development and Governance included evaluating the Board of Directors’ membership, and preparing governance documents to serve the charitable functions of this organization. The ALS Association’s mission is to help those with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, a debilitating motor-neuron condition.

Dan Kazanas also is a founding member of the Hellenic Spirit Foundation, which supports charitable causes. In addition, he is on the advisory board for the University of Missouri-St Louis’ Hellenic Government-Karakas Family Foundation Professorship, and was co-chairperson for his St. Louis University School of Law 15th reunion event.

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To this day, I would not hesitate to hire Dan Kazanas if I needed an attorney.”

— A Chief Prosecutor in the St. Louis area

“Dan’s reliability and truthfulness is greater considering his experiences and work ethic, than someone who might be tempted to believe that shortcuts are a viable road to success as an attorney.”

— A successful practicing St. Louis attorney

“…Dan’s character is impeccable.”

—Chief Credit Officer for a billion dollar asset Mid-West bank

“I believe he is a man of sound character.”

—A successful practicing St. Louis CPA

“Dan is a straightforward, logically thinker who has always lived up to his commitments and displayed integrity in our interactions.”

—Chief Operating Officer for a Technology Incubation Co.

“Dan possesses a tireless work ethic and an ability to deliver quality solutions in a timely manner.”

—Director of Business Development for a National Law Firm

“.... demonstrates his integrity every day to all those who come into contact with him.”

—Chief Technology Office for a Biotechnology Co.

“Dan is a highly competent business negotiator and relationship builder.”

—Chief Executive Officer for an European Electronic Co.

“… highly recommend his competency representing clients in a fair & impartial manner.”

—VP of Operations for a Professional NFL Team

“Dan is a very caring and professional individual that performs his duties in a fashion that is second to none.”

—Head Athletic Trainer for a Professional NFL Team

“Dan brings a combination of legal knowledge and practical business experience [that] makes problem solving extremely effective.”

—A successful St. Louis Financial Advisor