KRISTINA SCHRIEDEL  |  Legal Assistant

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Kristina Schriedel is a conscientious and efficient college educated Legal Assistant of KAZANAS LC Law Firm.  Kristina's skills including working knowledge of the fundamentals of the law, articulation, clerical skills, marketing, persuasive speaking and writing, and an effective, persuasive communicator.

Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Kristina gathered valuable and practical experience being employed as a Communication Coordinator, Market Team Lead, a Brand Ambassador and Product Advisor where technology is a vital component in daily operations.  Kristina has held several promotional positions where she presented companies in an educating and notable manner through on-site marketing. 

Kristina is a skilled communicator providing extensive knowledge with increasing brand awareness through social media sites, marketing, press releases and fundraising.

She is experienced with generating and researching story ideas through various communication outlets, including writing, editing and posting content for businesses. 

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